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We are a Breast Cancer support group based in Brighton

Cancer can be scary, and an experience which others can find hard to deal with or understand if they have not experienced themselves, which is why we are here.

We started the group in 1996 as a way to let out our feelings and share our cancer experience in a confidential yet fun and easygoing way- and have been meeting once a month ever since!

We're here to help

Whether you have cancer, have had it in the past, or are related to someone with it, we are here to support you

We meet at the Brighton Macmillan Horizon Centre on the third Monday of every month from 6:15pm- 8:15pm 

"Sometimes we can just be there to sit and listen, we don't even need to talk..."

We share experiences, give advice,  offer a shoulder for when times get hard, and a place to have fun. (Oh, and we like to laugh. A lot.)

Whether sitting in and talking, going out for a picnic or trying one of the many activities on offer at the center it is a respite and place to escape to, to be with others who understand how you're feeling.

breast cancer support group

"The meetings with Breast Cancer Support Group Sussex help me a lot. It's so helpful to be surrounded by like-minded people who have all gone through a similar experience to myself. And it's good fun!"

Meeting Times

6.30-8.30pm third Monday of every month

A place to talk

Meet others who have been through a similar experience to yourself

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Come and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee

Fun activities

From picnics and meals out to guest speakers there's a range of activities to do

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Support & Therapy

There's a range of treatments available such as Reiki and massages

Where are we

We meet at the Macmillan Horizon Centre Brighton

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"Breast Cancer Support Sussex took away the isolation and made me realise I really am not alone"

breast cancer support group

One of the best things about a support group is that you are surrounded by like-minded people who support each-other and know just what you're going through. We are there for the tears but also for all the fun times and support too.

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